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Being in a great hurry, I was on my way to a meeting when suddenly it struck me that I had forgotten my Ipad which contained all my powerpoint presentation. So I quickly turned back home and Lo! and behold I see a RAINBOW in the sky!! I would have totally missed it if I had kept going. I realized that often our forgetfulness is the Lord's way of showing us His Beauty in this case a Rainbow stretching across the parchment above !

The Lord wants us to stop and smell the flowers, lift our heads up and see the stars, hear the chirping of the birds and not forget His Beauty in the mundane.

Also I noticed that the Sun shone in all its glory out of an overcast ominous sky and in those brief moments the Rainbow appeared !!

It only requires the Lord to appear and shine His Light on our darkest hours creating a thing of Joy. Its His Touch that shows the silver lining in our hopelessness.

The next time we feel lost and guilty of a host of things, lets stop and return the way we came. Maybe we would see the Rainbow that we missed or even better the Lord's Glory piercing the stormy clouds and writing Hope and His Unchangeable Covenant Promises in the sky VIBGYOR, the colors of the spectrum.

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21 de jul. de 2018

We see only one half of the rainbow. One day in heaven we will see the full rainbow around the throne of God. Rev. 4:3. Praise the Lord. The other half of the covenant faithfulness of God. Like queen Sheba to Solomon we can say "Not the half was told us about the glory of our God"

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