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Never abandoned by God

The afflictions we face on this earth are temporary, and for a brief moment we may feel like God has abandoned us. The background for this verse was during the captivity of Babylon when God's people experienced that small moment of being forsaken.

But Christ promises that He will gather us because He will remember His promises towards His blood bought children.

Everyone who has been scattered away because of persecution, brokenness, deep wounds by dear and near ones will be GATHERED TOGETHER CLOSELY BY GOD.

So , if you are experiencing that loneliness, rejection, and that abandonment , I want to remind you that it is only for a SMALL MOMENT.

With great compassion, tenderness, and love , God will embrace you and hold you close to His bosom.

He promises to never ever leave you alone!!!

--Abandoned by others, gathered by God--


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The compassion of God knows no bounds. He takes us back into His arms and comforts us. The love of God for us is an eye opener to us. We must also start to show love and compassion.

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