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The Plymouth Brethren movement was an independent work of the Holy Spirit, which is apparent from the fact that, in A. D. 1812 and 1820, letters were passed between a company of believers in Great Britain. The Brethren believe that they represent the true church established on the day of Pentecost. The two guiding principles of the movement were to be the breaking of bread every Lord's Day, and ministry based upon the call of Christ rather than the ordination of men. They follow and obey the Scripture, refusing to follow human tradition and creed. Others call them Brethren, but they prefer to be called Christians.

We are recipients of God's Grace

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To be born again is an age old message of the Bible. Jesus Christ  taught it and so did the apostles. And through the centuries hundreds and thousands of  preachers have spoken about this. It is a universal message of God to the human race. You must be born again, spiritually.


Our mission is to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to all the people. Freely we have received therefore we also give the gospel freely.


We come together every Sunday for a service called the Worship meeting. We also take time out to have prayer meeting on Saturdays. We have adult Bible Study and Sunday School for children


We are a family oriented group of born again and baptized believers coming together for worship, preaching and teaching the Holy Bible. We come from all walks of life.

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