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Once you abandon the BEST, the GOOD will drag you to the WORST ! If our choices are on a sliding scale from WORST to BEST, its paramount that we continually choose the BEST lest we revert to the GOOD. The GOOD becomes the ENEMY of the BEST ! In this case, the GOOD is anything that's MEDIOCRE at best ! Its the AVERAGE, somewhere in between the BEST & WORST. Such kinds of people make JESUS nauseous !

Let us then strive to be BLAZING HOT ! holding on to our Lord as the SOURCE of all that's BEST. Otherwise the COMPLACENCY that sets in will drag us back to hell !

We see this constantly in a term described as ENTROPY = lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder. As with our body, soul and spirit, our neglect through compromise and listening to our flesh accumulates toxins within.

Let's be fervent and zealous like the Zealots however by the Spirit constantly pushing our limits thus transcending into His Unlimited Designs for our life. Eternity is the Limit which is a paradox but it behooves us to press on towards the BEST- the Lord , His Spirit and on to the higher calling that calls for us.

The moment we let go of Him, we slip back into the danger zone of heeding our flesh. This wisdom is from the pit and is everything that the world offers. Ever since man forsook of the BEST- Tree of Life, we have been vacillating on the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, We have become double minded , neither there nor here.

May the Lord drive us to shift our focus from the MEDIOCRE ME to the MEDIATOR MESSIAH, Who HIMSELF is the very BEST. Amen!

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1 Comment

Jul 25, 2018

Amen. Many are just want to be GOOD ENOUGH (unmotivated) and not striving to be THE BEST (motivated)

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