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Construction and Destruction

Taj Mahal a monument of love

Near where I live, is a large campus which housed one of the largest psychiatric facilities. Due to mental health regulations, the facility has ceased to function. What remained of it was the large six storied buildings. Some of which was re-purposed, yet others were torn down. A building that took months or years to build was brought down in a few seconds. Millions of dollars were spent in planning and constructing these buildings and in a matter of a few seconds it was all rubble. In a few weeks the rubble was carted away and new buildings for housing was constructed.

The cross where Jesus died is the pinnacle of love

This got me thinking. There are things that we construct in our lives and things we destroy. There are particularly two things that come into play in an individual’s life. The first one is love. It takes time to build in love. It builds up the person from the inside. It takes planning and thoughtfulness. A great deal of time and effort is needed to nurture and nourish love. Love is the foundation to build a healthy family. Where there is love there is forgiveness and unity. Love accepts the truth. Love is constructive. Love is caring and sharing. Love looks for the well-being of the neighbor. There is nothing that love cannot win over. A person full of love is an emotionally well-adjusted person. Something to look-back and cherish. Consider the love of God. John 3:16. Love builds relationships with God and man. Look at the cross where Jesus died. It is the pinnacle of love.

Palmyra destroyed

There is the other side of love. Where there is no love there is a tearing down. This is because of hate. And hate breeds anger. Hate and anger join hands and work together. They act quickly to tear down like the building I mentioned. Hate and anger can grow quickly and are very destructive. Destructive to the individual because it eats from the inside. It is known for some time that hate and anger have a profound impact on a person’s physical and emotional well-being. A believer should not let hate and anger to rule them. There is no forgiveness in hate and anger. It is impulsive and is self-seeking. Hate and anger break relationships with God and man. Rom. 12 :1.

If you have love grow in it. If you don’t have love be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Be filled with love in your heart. Let us watch our actions and be speak words that edify and not tear down. Ask God to show you if there is any wicked way in you and to take corrective action. Above all forgive and seek forgiveness. The kind of love that glorifies God. AMEN

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