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ECONOMICS 101- of GEMS & such..!

The things that are rare on earth are in abundance in heaven. Things like Gems, Gold but also Holiness, Love etc. Here on earth Holiness comes at a price. Satanic doctrines of hate and sin are 90% but doctrines of love and holiness are only 10%. Similarly, Hell will be overpopulated while Heaven will be sadly underpopulated because broad is the way to destruction and narrow is the path to life.

So the gem of Holiness and Holy Spirit deposited in you and me is very precious . Through the Lord Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection we have been granted access to Heaven and the rare fruit of the Spirit- Love, Joy , Peace and so on. We must guard these values because they are of great value and of high demand here on earth.

Holiness is far and few and Lord is seeking for a special group of people, separate, sanctified, different and holy for His Kingdom ( special Forces !) The thief arrives to steal, kill and destroy. He wishes to steal these rarities from our life thus making us impotent and mediocre, snuffing out the light in us. Everyone and everything attempts to defile you and me for we are surrounded by corruption.

The Heavenly Cherubims don’t shout Love, Love, Love or Peace, Peace, Peace. They shout Holy Holy Holy for the Lord is Holy. We can only be holy through the Blood of Jesus Christ and there’s absolutely no other way.Holiness is rare on earth but it is His Primary Attribute and our Prime Directive !

Christian life is difficult when we trust in ourselves but its do able when we trust in Jesus our Lord. We are forbidden to place any confidence in our selves for our heart is ever deceitful and will easily trick us.

We must therefore guard this Holiness within lest the evil within ( from our flesh) rise up to overwhelm us. HOLINESS IS BECOMING EXTINCT.

Will you take a pledge to protect this Precious treasure? We lock our cars and houses and permit no one unauthorized entry. We cannot do this on our own, we need a firefall of the Holy Spirit inorder to lock our 5 senses. IF I TRUST MYSELF , ILL LOSE IT, IF I TRUST THE SPIRIT, ILL KEEP IT! Let me have nothing to boast in except JESUS CHRIST as my ID is interlinked with HIS IDENTITY. Satan seeks to steal that ID we have in CHRIST leaving us without a sense of purpose and destiny .

We might see our PAST and refuse to build HIS TEMPLE but let’s build it for our KING because He will come and occupy our PRESENT. Let us be His special TREASURE, gems shining with HIS GLORY in a hurting world where people will crave what we crave !

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