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"With FEAR you are on your own, with FAITH you are never ALONE"

Often we panic as we gaze at our circumstances and the very dynamic of every day existence wears us out. We attempt to rationalize this surging feeling of fear with logic and past wisdom. We then reach our limit and break down into a regressed state of silence. We adopt the attitude of "It is what it is" while fooling ourselves that we have faith !
Look back and see the nightmares you have faced. You are still here ! You will face more BUT by the Grace of God you will stand !

Faith is an active entity. It behooves us to make inroads into our faith by permitting it to blossom. If we have never watered or applied fertilizer, the flowers would have no chance to grow. Likewise faith needs constant care on our part. We must apply the fertilizer of the WORD of GOD, the living water of the HOLY SPIRIT and then continue our life. We will realize how the Lord then directs our hearts with purpose and strength.
At the appropriate time, His Word will arise in our hearts like a double edged sword granting us special grace and wisdom like a single word or sentence or even a song. He reminds us that inspite of COVID or other pestilences, JESUS is still the HEALER of our SOULS. With Faith in HIM we will go far . We are never ever alone. For our enemy desires that fear consume our lives instead of hope and confidence. Jesus desires otherwise. He longs to see His people filled with Heavenly Confidence and Hope irrespective of the odds facing us. Victory is assured due to the CROSS and RESURRECTION. The JEHOVAH RAPHA lives, our healer and supplier ! Amen !

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