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HEBREWS 2:10 In bringing many sons and daughters to glory, it was fitting that God, for whom and through whom everything exists, should make the PIONEER/CAPTAIN of their salvation perfect through what he suffered.


There is only 1 Pioneer, 1 Forerunner, 1 Master who runs before us. His Name is Jesus Christ. He speeds ahead to prepare our coming ! He senses our pain and anguish and so He Himself goes forth to suffer it. There's none like Him. Like any good parent who wishes to alleviate the fears of their child, He assures us that HE HAS BEEN THERE, DONE THAT :-). HE'S GOT IT AND IT'S ALL GOOD !

Our Lord is an amazing GOD ! He has promised both in the Old and New Testament that HE WILL GO AHEAD OF YOU. HE WILL GO BEFORE YOU. What more assurance does a hungry anxious soul need?Our fearful hearts tremble at circumstances with the looming uncertainty of a doubt filled future. And Jesus reminds that," I WILL GO BEFORE YOU "

The Lord knew that I would fail in the flesh, that we would not be able to cross the chasm of solitude and lonliness on our own so He pioneered a way, He POWERED THROUGH THE FLESH BARRIER AND BROKE A WAY FOR US IN TO THE SPIRIT REALM. HE IS OUR HERO. As the World glorifies demigods and superheroes from DC and Marvel, here stands our SAVIOUR, who's alive and living IN YOU and ME daily.

The fact is GOD made a way as any parent would do. He is worthy of honor and adoration. These words enable us to face any formidable task since He TORE THROUGH/ RIPPED APART the VEIL separating humanity from the DIVINE.

Let's therefore WORSHIP this supreme BEING who though the FIRST became the LAST on a cross for making us FIRST in HIS KINGDOM. Let us permit HIM to POWER through us and ride ahead in HIS MIGHT, blazing in HIS GLORY, Let us then follow in His Footsteps, exulting the NAME of the GOD MOST HIGH ! AMEN !

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