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Return to your First Love

Our Lord Jesus Christ commanded John the apostle to write letters to the seven churches in Asia. The first letter was addressed to the Church at Ephesus. The Lord had many positive things to say about this church. He also points out a major flaw in their relationship to Him. While the love of God remained constant to the church the love of the church started diminishing. The church is the bride of Christ - Eph. 5:21-27. Christ loved the church and even gave His life to redeem her.

The church loved Christ it was her first love. But as time passed, she was distracted from Him. She started spending less and less time with her First Love - Christ and was attracted to the passing glit and glamor of the world. She was going through the motions of worship, prayer, meditation of the Word and generally not prioritizing thing pertaining of God. The side effect of it was equally devastating. There was a lack of brotherly love and fellowship. The business of this world caught the church in her trap.

Is this not true today as in the time of the Church at Ephesus? This church did not last long. Its candle stick was removed. The Lord wanted the church to repent and return back to its First Love. This will mean sacrificing much of the things that prevent us from returning. If the church does not do this the effectiveness of the church will be zero. Let us repent and return back to our First Love. He is coming soon for His First love.

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