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These great cloud of witnesses spoken of in Hebrews 11 believed in a GOD and knew beyond a shadow of doubt that there is a Heavenly City . They have had ample reasons, I suppose to not press on towards that heavenly country. They could have given up and become comfortable in this world. However they desired something better.

Dearly beloved , do we desire a better place? A place without sorrow and pain , a place where our Lord is supreme and visible!! Jesus Christ is our HOMELAND. He is our Home. There is no other place safer than when we find ourselves in CHRIST. He is our Refuge and Dwelling place. Oh ! to ever abide in the Ark and to never leave as the Prodigal son realized. To remain in the Father's house and to dwell in His courts or "a CENTURY in HIS SANCTUARY "is much better than a 1000 days elsewhere .

Are we Heaven bound? Have we set our minds on things above and not things on the earth? Are we training ourselves to be CELESTIAL rather than mere TERRESTRIAL beings ? Let us ask ourselves what is our ENDGAME? Is it to continue living here without purpose or to fulfill the mission of CHRIST ?

Homeland means :one's native country/one's fatherland, one's own country, a fixed abode or home/one's own native place i.e. a city

Let us not draw back but with faith draw near His Spirit and all the goodness of our Father through the Son . The Son is coming back for His Bride who waits for Him and so let us reinforce our desire for a better world and yearn immensely with eagerness for seeing the face of our Lord Jesus Christ. In Whom is our Identity and Security forever ! Amen.

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