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In the face of the One who DEFIES Demons, Disease and Death, the One who REVERSES those maladies in us; We have a choice !

Just like that father of the girl who was alive when he approached Jesus for her healing a few minutes before. But now a few minutes after, ( the Lord having got delayed by another woman with bleeding) , the father's precious daughter lies dead !

Now he must choose to let go of the Lord or let go his beliefs about death. He must choose to accept the Paramount Power of Jesus Christ or the Pervasive Power of Death. For this he will need the EYES of the SPIRIT not EYES of the FLESH !

Circumstances ask a pertinent question ," WHY TROUBLE HIM ?" There's nothing to be done now. It's over. BUT NO ! the story is far from over. It ain't over until Jesus says it's over. It was truly finished when the Lord said on that Cross " IT IS FINISHED". Forever HE has DEFIED the powers of Hades and Death and took their keys from right under their noses.

But now the question is not if He can raise up his daughter but whether you will CONTINUE TO BELIEVE that He can still do it ! The Holy Spirit via the Words of the Lord gives us a newfound strength to believe in this GOD of the UNIVERSE.

As they ridiculed Him , we don't see the problem as the world sees. We see HIM, who is beyond this world. He is the One who DEFIES , DEFEATS, DESTROYS the works of the EVIL one.

Therefore , trouble the Master, Believe in the Master, He WAITS for your response. If you say , "yes" then He says ," TALITHA CUMI ! LAMB, ARISE ! The Good Shepherd cares of His Lambs. In the eyes of the world and with the eyes of flesh, all the mourners see is a casket of broken dreams and unfulfilled potential. However through Spirit's eyes we see LIFE AND RESURRECTION of dead dreams and shattered SORROWS. Halleluyah !

To the ONE who REVERSES all that made its EXIT out of PANDORA's BOX - the travails of humanity, the ONE who bore it all- infirmity and pain on HIMSELF, the ONE who stands right now as the ALMIGHTY ALPHA & OMEGA, let us give PRAISE and ADORATION.

The Tsunami of a doubt filled audience cries out ," why bother Him?" But you and I will declare forevermore, I BELIEVE ! AMEN!

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1 commentaire

09 août 2018

What a blessed thought! They say, "Why bother Him when nothing good will come out through you".

I say " Let me boldly approach the ONE who resuscitates and restores my lifeless being"

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