We are very often worried about things that happen in our life. If we say we have no worries it will be not the truth. Be that as it may, we cast all our worries and anxieties on our Lord. When we face adverse circumstances and there is none to help let us not be discouraged. Many times, in the Bible we see the assurance of God. When Joshua was to lead Israel into Canaan God tells him that He will not fail Him or forsake him. In Acts of the Apostles we are told how the Lord Stood with apostle Paul when his life was in danger. The angel of the Lord also stood by him when his life was in peril on the sea. Apostle Paul tells Timothy that the Lord stood with him and strengthened him. He knows every circumstances we are facing. Apostle John was in Patmos, but not alone.

Island of Patmos - "I am John, a follower together with all of you. We suffer because Jesus is our king, but he gives us the strength to endure. I was sent to Patmos Island, because I had preached God's message and had told about Jesus." (Rev 1:9) 

So be of good courage our Lord has not and will not abandon us. He wants His purposes to be fulfilled in our lives. Think of all the times the Lord has helped you. So, go cheerfully on. His unseen presence is with us and He appoints his angels to watch us. Psa. 91:11 “For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.” He resides in us and we belong to Him. He is with us here on earth and we will be with Him in heaven. What a blessed hope!!

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