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There are things we must let go in order to win. There are baggages we carry that become second nature to us and we must develop the mindset to break free from them. We have lived with certain chains and bondages and don't consider them strange anymore. The way elephants are trained is interesting. When they are babies , strong chains are used to bind their legs . They will initially fight to break free and give up after a period of time. They realise its hopeless to fight. The chain sort of grows on them and becomes part of their person. Such is the unfortunate story of addictions, slavery so on and so forth. A "Stockholm Syndrome" situation occurs where we fall in love with the very bondage we used to hate. The Enemy's philosophy has always been " HOOK 'em YOUNG, HOOK 'em for LIFE " !!

Jesus Christ enters into this framework of a broken humanity. He observes man, enslaved to all manner of physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional strongholds. If we are desperate and helpless, He is able to easily cut off all the junk from our lives, the deep seated roots of pain, shame, bitterness and hopelessness. He offers a choice to WIN !! There is no winning apart from Christ. His wonderful work on the Cross alone by shedding His Precious Blood makes Him qualified and able to be our Freedom Fighter and Divine Emancipator.

So, the question is will I permit Him to scan the vulnerabilities in my person? Will I yield to the work of the Holy Spirit whereby like a Divine Surgeon He dissects and cuts out the enslaved cancer from me? Losing my Flesh, my old mindsets and trading my sorrow and shame for His Joy is a win win deal ! Trading my old creation for a new Wine filled Creation is exhilarating !

Those very attitudes that created fear and shame now will be cast off into the flames of the Holy Spirit. Jesus deftly touches and heals the handicap , resurrecting this deal soul and reanimating or quickening the spirit within for His Glory alone. Yes ! you have to lose it all in order to win Him and gain Christ !

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