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A Friend in Jesus

This song "I have found a friend in Jesus" written by Charles Fry comforts me greatly because it reminds that we are not alone even when everyone else abandons us.

In Sorrows and in seasons of intense grief, Jesus will stand by us as a strong tower of refuge.

He is the only One who doesn't mind carrying our sorrows and griefs upon Himself.

Oh, and when temptations lure us, and then leave us empty; the blood of Jesus will cleanse us and make us complete.

When fear erects a fortress to try and scare us, Jesus becomes a WALL OF FIRE that no Devil can ever dare break down. Praise the Lord !!

When families and friends become strangers, and if one day we are to depart from this world, may we live in this blessed Hope that we will get to see the Glorious face of our Lord Jesus .

So , my friend let us tread along with unwavering Faith in this wilderness, brave fear ,and never forget that you have a FRIEND IN JESUS.

"He’s the Lily of the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star, He’s the fairest of ten thousand to my soul. "

**Have you found an everlasting Friendship in Jesus Christ ?**

Fearless Friday to you,


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