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The God who leads

For You are my rock and my fortress; For Your name's sake You will lead me and guide me. Psalm 31:3

It's August ! A new month , new beginnings, new paths , or it could also be the same heartbreaks, the same stress, the same old aches and pains, the same diagnosis.

As I prayed over this month, the Lord put a familiar song into my heart. A song by Fanny Crosby, a woman who became blind shortly after her birth. A woman who loved the Lord and wrote this wonderful song "ALL THE WAY MY SAVIOR LEADS ME"

The question for you and I remains ," Who has been leading your way thus far?"

Is it your own strength, your better qualifications, or your family?

If the answer is the Lord Jesus Christ, then may I remind you that HE promises to lead us ALL THE WAY.

Many-a-times we walk with our fellow beings in this life's journey but at some time in life we leave them half way knowingly or unconsciously.

But Christ will lead us all the way till eternity.

  • He will lead us by His righteous Hand

  • He will lead us through this wilderness with the pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night.

  • Christ will lead us triumphantly into victory even when failures seem to overwhelm us today.

No matter what will befall upon us today, Jesus will do all things well.

Believe it . Trust Him. Never cease to pray. Live righteously .

Even when our sight becomes dim , Jesus will hold our hands and lead us ALL THE WAY.

Let us face our unknowns with this KNOWN CHRIST !

Fanny Crosby was physically blind but through her spiritual eyes she knew the God who led her all the way.

May we continue to serve this Lord God who leads but never leaves His children.

Blessed August


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